Annual Percentage Yield

Mycelium Network (MyNet) is a Web3 project with a focus on community and cooperation. We acknowledge that individual lives and collective identities are connected across all levels of humanity. Regardless of nationality, culture, social group, or generation, there exists a reciprocal relationship between each individual and their natural and social environment.

At Mycelium Network, we believe that in order for our project to have moral and ethical currency we must have a set of values, which we practice ourselves and encourage others to participate in. Regardless of identity, ethnicity, or social class, MyNet is creating a space where all life is valued, and each community member respected equally. As participating community members, our concern is not only for ourselves but also simultaneously supporting our community and other moral social organisations. This emphasises our ethos of supporting each other and, consequently, the world around us.

Through a moral and reliable system, our overarching goal is to create a culture in which we strive towards a world where everyone’s basic needs are met and everyone is able to focus on realising their goals and potential. In order to achieve this we wish to contribute to the collective creation of systems whereby conditions people need to be independent from centralised institutions are met.

We recognise that this goal cannot be achieved by a centralised global technocracy. For humanity to actualise its potential there must be a devolution of centralised power. We want to facilitate democratic participation from individuals and communities within our network. We encourage our community members to take control over their finances and essentially their expression of freedom while respecting that of others. MyNet, at its core, represents a platform that aims to empower people and facilitate a real, long-lasting structural change to society.

We acknowledge, that in order to address the complex geo-political problems we face today, there needs to be a change from the centralised structures of governance that are currently in power. As participants of a global network, we strive toward the creation of an authentic moral system that is omnipresent, consistent and reliable. We believe that following a common moral framework, led by example, can and will inspire ethical ideas on the future of economic and social structures.

We are striving towards creating a democratic and decentralised system which is strengthened by participation from communities and individuals to achieve our collective goals. MyNet is working towards building a platform which facilitates true equality. Equality of opportunity cannot be practically implemented without acceptance that some face hurdles which are not present for others. We understand that due to current socio-economic systems, there are people who have equal ability but not equal opportunity.

We will address socio-economic issues by empowering people to enact greater agency in the areas they wish to change, allowing more focus on the pursuit of their passions and ambitions without unnecessary distractions.

Universal Principles

Through this declaration of universal principles, we espouse a common moral framework to guide and inspire the highest ethical ideals.

  • Equality
  • Autonomy
  • Tolerance
  • Cooperation
  • Responsibility
  • Humanity
  • Freedom

We recognise and embrace differences of opinion and thought, and in doing so, aspire to nurture a harmonious cross-cultural existence which encourages discourse and idea sharing. We seek to enact positive change to structures that in places have been identified as having roots in outdated practices, incompatible with sustainable progression. We value all elements of this world we have been gifted and wish to share opportunity equally among and outside our community. We believe in humanity’s capacity, through active participation, to create a world where all life flourishes.